Hey, I’m Dana.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Thanks for visiting. In order for creative endeavors to turn into something we have to create a framework and set goals. For me striving for perfection has prevented progress. So I’m just going for it here. I don’t have a definitive end goal with this blog, it is more about process. This is a place where I can just write to give my creativity some direction and structure. Otherwise I would just continue to be wandering around aimlessly. There may be cohesive moments, there will probably be some rambling, but hopefully something will come from it. In reality, life would just pass by without really meaning much anyway if I didn’t ever try. This is my attempt to be more than just a whisper in the abyss of a thousand voices screaming to be heard. I want to create something of substance in a world dominated by social media and eight second sound bites.