Living the Life

My Rope Gun, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr.

I can hardly believe it is nearly time to celebrate Hallow’s Eve, but somehow each day seems to break into three with all that happens full of adventure and simplicity. I have celebrated a birthday with salt water taffy, hid in the basement of Miguel’s Pizza from the rain battling everyone for wiFi, assisted in building tarp-city, hosted a dinner party in our kitchen (by kitchen I mean a picnic table under a tarp, which we commandeered from our neighbors who went to WV for two weeks), listened to talented guitar players, embroidered a patch for my friend’s chalk-bag, climbed stronger, climber smarter, crammed four people and two dogs into the pathfinder and went off-roading (multiple times… and probably will again), learned to love more, made icing for the silly plain oatmeal cookies, played ridiculously fun games at the crag (always insanity with private crag), watched two dogs become friends, made some new friends myself and thoroughly enjoyed the presence of a few older ones.

The depth of the hills and the beauty in the changing season overtakes me each day, from the early morning light in our private section of Lake Miguel’s overlooking the fog on the water through the tall grass to the clarity of the Milky Way and all the stars at night. The rain and cold have taken many of the leaves, but lots more must fall before the hemlocks and rhododendrons are the fullest forms in the woods. Three rest days out of sixteen with more to come, life in Kentucky rock climbing is way to good to leave right now. We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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