On the Move

Kansas in the Morning by Dana Bartus
Kansas in the Morning, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr.

The days grow shorter, warmth comes only within the sunlight and the earth becomes more exposed as it prepares for the cold. A much needed day of rest allowed me a two-token afternoon shower with a good dry out session in my favorite sundress. I awoke the next morning to the hood of my sleeping bag frozen to my tent wall, Hannah actually picked a chunk of frost off of my hood during coffee. Time here has been spent with great climbing (on the right days in amazing weather), a halloween bon-fire, multiple waterfalls, a snow/slush mix (which eventually bombed the northeast), more friend surprises, dog parties, star gazing, card games, guessing games, the basement sauna, minor accident reports, thrift store adventures to make a fleece flannel coat for the dog and explorations in the bamboo river behind tarp-city. Alas the time came to retire from Miguel’s. Moving day always brings an air of melancholy, but packing in the sunshine was a huge perk after a short day of climbing. Parting ways with new friends was just as difficult as with old friends. The road beckoned us away from a big circle of love in the fading light, and it seemed for a moment as if we would never leave. Hannah drove the first leg (from 7:30pm-3am), I attempted to sleep with patchy luck, woke up in dream as we passed through a life-size pinball game (really just construction on a bridge) entering St. Louis. It was unreal crossing the Mississippi River with all the city lights reflecting off of the wet coating given by the fresh rain. A minor detour from a closed highway brought us to a broken gas station and my turn to drive through the snowy state of Missouri. Driving discipline attained in the wee hours of the morning, relief came with the clear sky sunrise in eastern Kansas. Hannah took the wheel to see the Rocky Mountains appear out of thin air, I could barely be brought out of my coma to enjoy their grandeur from a distance. It was my privilege to drive Route 160 through the San Juans into the colourful Colorado sunset, met a massive elk buck meandering across the road to finally reach our destination in Durango after twenty-six hours of driving. We are blessed to stay with good friends watching the snowstorm from a warm couch, harboring Ellis as a secret prisoner in the no-pet apartment. A weekend sheltered from the cold, then on to warmer weather in southern Utah. As the seasons move on, so must we…


2 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. Audrey says:

    Dana – i so enjoy your posts… glad to hear you safely made it west. I did see over the weekend you were in Colorado when I was posting
    from Florida… Look forward to hearing again soon. Be safe out there.. Love you – Cioci Audge

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