Embracing The Unknown. Again.

It was a long time coming. It began 6 years ago, I left my home and all things familiar to find a better place to live, a better way to live. To find the world I had dreamed of as a little girl. To become the person I somehow stopped trying to be. My younger self imagined my adult life to be far different than what it had actually become. With that stark realization, I abandoned my reality in hopes of making my dreams come true. 

I wanted to travel. I wanted to live on the west coast of the United States. I didn’t want to plan. I didn’t want to wait. I was horrible at saving. If I was practical, I would continue to postpone and never make the leap. So I went for it. I trusted that my ambition, my skills, and my perseverance were strength enough to be successful. Without a real plan on how to make my dreams a reality, without an idea of what it really meant to be on my own, without an idea of how hard it would be to start from scratch in a very different place, I left. What happened then is another story (some of which you can read about in my old posts). I was schooled about life on the road and being a dirtbag at the Smithrock Bivy, where I quickly realized that I was ill-equipped to keep traveling and needed to save some cash. So, I decided to stick around butteful Bend, Oregon for a while. I got sucked into the vortex of life and “a while” turned into five years. During which time I learned in a very visceral way something I had already intellectually known: I could drastically change the setting of my life, but if I didn’t follow my True North then everything I wanted to be rid of would follow me wherever I went.

Even with a learning curve, I was successful. I made a some dreams a reality. It was time to do it again. I need to see the world. I left a stable job and secure life to be a nomad (of sorts) with a fistful of cash and no real concrete idea of what work the future would bring. I let the lease expire on my house, I downsized my possessions dramatically, and embarked on the next phase of my journey. The first week was full of adventures through Utah with my sister-from-another-mister, Miss Darling. The second week I was blessed to reconnect with family in Denver. Tomorrow I will board a flight to Bogota, Colombia, South America. My next two months will be filled with Spanish immersion, teaching yoga, rock climbing, volunteering and exploring the Colombian culture. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this sabbatical. I am ready to embrace the unknown again, pushing myself outside my comfort zone so I can see my true self shine through. 


5 thoughts on “Embracing The Unknown. Again.

  1. Nanci Dvorsky says:

    All the best to you Dana and safe travels where ever you go!
    “Ride lightly in the saddle of fate!”

    Nanci Dvorsky

  2. Regina F Kinzie says:

    There are many times that I have said that you can’t know what chasing dreams is really like until you go all in. Whether it’s courage or stupidity throwing it all to the wind and finding adventure again, I do believe our hearts come alive. I hope you fall in love with what you find.

  3. Jessica says:

    Safe travels Dana!!! have so much fun
    tho hopefully I can hear the stories when your
    back haha miss my fav customer!

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