Conversations With a Dirtbag: Where Passion Takes Precedence. Campfire-style interviews with people whose passion is the driving force behind their nomadic lifestyle. Host Dana Bartus is an unknown dirtbag climber chick seeking to hear untold stories from the road.

The idea is to hear stories from people that have moved beyond conventional lifestyle to pursue what they love. To preserve the stories that come from the badasses that have nothing but a lot of try-hard. It’s not only about the people who abandoned societal norms to pursue their passion, it’s for them. For us dirtbags life is not about money or sponsorship, it’s about making it happen by any means necessary. For some people that means sponsors, for others it means photography, writing, or seasonal jobs.

Living in a vehicle is partially living off the grid, which takes more effort than most people realize. When there is no residence to go home to, life is essentially an endless road trip, which can be tiresome after a while. The lack of security and certainty balances out with exponential amount of freedom. The avenues to go about this are different for every person. With a combination of a variety of skill-sets and interests, everyone’s development into their niche community develop organically. It is not easy to do, so I want to find out how people make life on the road work. This is my way to capture the joy that people share in the outdoors by talking about their adventures. They probably have sacrificed more than they realize to make their dreams a reality. True dirtbags aren’t weekend warriors. They go dumpster diving, they don’t own more than fits into their piece of shit car, if they even own a car. There are a million stories that could come up in conversation with a true dirtbag. I want to hear those stories.

It’s not just about sharing the joys of adventuring, but also preserving history. There are tons of badasses that have made a huge impact on community gone unknown.  As climbing progresses even further into being a mainstream sport, the hope is to preserve the past and pass on things that have only been attained thus far through mentorship.

Conversations with a Dirtbag is a place where people can share their stories, without sponsorship, without pull from any direction besides their passion for their sport and the outdoors. Unedited, unscripted, real conversations. CWD is by the dirtbags, of the dirtbags, for the dirtbags.


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