I’m starting a Podcast.

Thanks for whoever has read my blog so far. I have a hard time keeping up with it mostly because I over analyze my writing and never sit down to edit. After doing some freelance writing last year, I realized that I enjoyed the interview process more than actually writing the article. I began thinking about doing a podcast, and eventually told too many people that now I have no way out.

I’m calling it Conversations With A Dirtbag: Where Passion Takes Precedence. I think that here are just too many dirtbag climbers out there who’s stories go untold. I want to capture these stories at climbers camps or actually out climbing. The idea is to have about 1-hour long organic conversations, not rehearsed or edited at all. I want to create an outlet for climbers to do some storytelling, and maybe even preserve some history along the way.

To anyone who said they would listen, I finally picked up a field recorder, and have some raw material waiting to be edited. I’m working hard at getting it together here pretty soon. There is a lot more to this whole podcasting thing than I realized.

Stay tuned.


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