Honestly, I’m not spending a ton of time making artwork these days, but I have a strong enough creative force within me to give it space on this website. Just in case I ever do have something to share, this is the space where I will do it. For now, here’s the backstory.


I first started throwing in high school, then I studied Ceramics and Graphic Design at Rowan University from 2002-2007. I apprenticed with Pete Callas for a brief period while I was still in New Jersey. I was an active member for a few years at Cindercone Clay Center in Bend, though I am not currently making pottery. I will probably start up again someday. It has been a trend of a few years on few years off. I love working with clay, but right now my time is focused on other creative endeavors with far less commitment.



This is the before shot. Follow the link to see the finished product!

I love book-binding. I’m working on a few projects to combine writing with blind-contour drawings and making books by hand. I’m excited to see how they will turn out. I share this mostly so that you know I can do

BOOK REPAIRS! If you have a book that is precious that needs some care, let me know. If you have a guidebook that has taken a beating and is annoying to have to piece together at the crag, send me an email at and I can fix it up better than new! See the final product of the book pictured above in a quick clip here.