Smithrock Master Plan

Thanks for your patience with my podcast. There is way more involved than I realized, and life is full on at the moment. Since I was unable to attend the Smithrock Master Plan Meetings in October, I wrote this letter to voice my opinion. There are probably things I left out/want to add to it. … Continue reading Smithrock Master Plan


Pilot Episode

  The long awaited pilot episode is finally here! Here's a little bit more about me and what I am looking to do with my podcast. Thanks to everyone for their love and support.  


Conversations With a Dirtbag: Where Passion Takes Precedence. Campfire-style interviews with people whose passion is the driving force behind their nomadic lifestyle. Host Dana Bartus is an unknown dirtbag climber chick seeking to hear untold stories from the road. The idea is to hear stories from people that have moved beyond conventional lifestyle to pursue … Continue reading About