Point Reyes Backpacking Trip

Hikers, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr.I worked as a field guide for the Rimrock Expeditionary Alternative Learning Middle School on their 8th Grade two week travel study trip. The kids spent one week in San Francisco and one week backpacking with me on Point Reyes National Seashore. What a trip! Besides working with … Continue reading Point Reyes Backpacking Trip


On the Move

Kansas in the Morning, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr.The days grow shorter, warmth comes only within the sunlight and the earth becomes more exposed as it prepares for the cold. A much needed day of rest allowed me a two-token afternoon shower with a good dry out session in my favorite sundress. I … Continue reading On the Move

Living the Life

My Rope Gun, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr. I can hardly believe it is nearly time to celebrate Hallow's Eve, but somehow each day seems to break into three with all that happens full of adventure and simplicity. I have celebrated a birthday with salt water taffy, hid in the basement of Miguel's … Continue reading Living the Life


Autumn In Kentucky

Climber Dog, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr. After one week in Slade, Kentucky rock climbing at the Red River Gorge I feel like life on the road never stopped. My days here began with good friends from Eastern Pennsylvania working challenging overhung routes in magnificent amphitheaters. Every night we shared delicious meals and … Continue reading Autumn In Kentucky


Summer 2011

Telluride, CO (aka heaven), a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr. The summer of 2011 brought me to find comfort in Salt Lake City, sharing important time with good friends before embarking on great adventures in the Four Corners. I began my work as an outdoor adventure guide for Wilderness Ventures at their headquarters in … Continue reading Summer 2011



Untitled, a photo by Dana Bartus on Flickr. You can view my photography at flickr.com/dbartdesign . Unfortunately I'm facing some difficulties linking the images from the drive to Oregon 2010 through to this blog.


Moving Life Forward.

My westward journey began early in September 2010 on a fairly cool, humid morning meandering Route 519 studying the fog covered cornfields along the way to pick up my dear friend Aliza at the Hope park-and-ride. As we prepared to cross the Delaware River leaving New Jersey behind, we watched a bald eagle gliding downstream … Continue reading Moving Life Forward.